Saturday, October 21, 2017

What Happen to the TV Media Junkie?

In 2011 I abandoned  my Freedoms Right Network because I was tired of politics and of campaigning. I was just burnt out. So for the next five years I started a new network called The TVMedia Junkie. I just wanted to talk about TV and movies, No problem right? Just talk about what is going on in my favorite TV shows and movies, write reviews, chat it up about The Walking Dead and Marvel vs DC movies and when the next Star Wars movies will be coming out. You get the point.

Things went well for a while, I even spoke on a blog cast a few times. It was truly fun and I was enjoying  myself. Nothing makes me more happier then sitting on my couch in PJ's with my snacks and soft drink diving into my mindless world of TV, or going to the theater with my over priced snacks and watching the show.

But then came election 2016. I understand that we don't all agree on what direction this country should go. But I should not be shamed into thinking their way nor should I shame them. But it's getting ridiculous. These protest against Trump are out of control. It's like they fight to have no responsibility, a fight to have no respect for this great nation or whats left of it. I vote for conservative values but I am not a perfect conservative, I have my liberal moments, but when it comes to my country I aim to the right as much as possible. That is how I want my country to run. I want responsibility. Is that so wrong? I don't care what you want to do in your life or what you do in the bed room, but don't tell me it's normal and please stay away from children unless they are your own. That is what I believe. You can live in your world but don't tell me I have to join you.

With that being said, I found it hard to promote a industry that was trying to tell me how to think and feel so I backed way off of writing reviews and opinions about my favorite TV shows. The fun of doing it was gone. As much as I enjoy the fantasy world, I do not want to live in it all the time. How can I write about how great a actor was in a movie when he was out bashing people for voting for Trump? How can I support a actress for doing a great job in a movie but then she is out in the middle of the street naked or wearing a vagina suit screaming obscenities at the President or wishing him dead or screaming for his impeachment simply because your candidate did not win?

I am not perfect, but I believe in God country and family and the what the Bible teaches. Does that mean I follow the Bible perfectly? No I fail daily but everyday I try to be better. I like My TV and Movies, but I have a remote and I can stop my streaming services and not go to the movies. And I don't have to buy the next Blue Ray. Its my choice!

Hopefully I will start writing again about movie and TV opinions. But I am in no rush. If Hollywood sucks the fun out of watching, then I will lose my interest also 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Observations After "Watching 13 Reasons Why"


I can understand the reasons why many people are overwhelmed while watching this popular Netflix series. This is the most intense fictional series I have ever watched. It pulls on all of your heart strings at once. It plays on your thoughts, doubts and criticisms of what you may think of depression and of what you might think loneliness is. Of course it explores of what we think we know and don't know what a person is feeling. to often we think we know, but we don't know anything of what a person is experiencing.

While I watch this show and let might self get immersed in the story, Why did Hannah not lean on her parents more? Or where they to involved in the failing family business to notice she was hurting? They series really speaks volumes about the statement that suicide is a permeate solution to a temporary situation. She was so desperate to fit into that part of the world for the time that she was in high school.

I am 54, and I have to admit growing up I wanted to fit in, but to what point? I hated school because at times it seemed to be more about social circles then education. The reward for a good education was fitting in with the crowd. But not for Hannah, she wanted good strong friends that she could lean on. My grades where below average, Did I try to do better? No! I just wanted to survive  that day at school and get home. That was my goal.

Watching Hannah surrender to suicide just hurt.  But nothing was more hurtful then the last 3 episodes. Don't get me wrong, the first 10 episodes where dramatically important, It was the foundation of what happened in the final 3 episodes.

When Clay was listening to his tape and understanding how he missed Hannah's call for help. He refused to tell her he loved her. When he was day dreaming about what he should of done and Hannah said "Clay why did you not tell me this when I was alive", it was a direct punch to the gut.

I can not bring myself to understand why Hannah killed herself, but that is me looking at a fictional TV character. That is me not understanding what it is to be truly alone. Hannah had loving parents, I was not clear what happen in that relationship, Why did she not talk to them more, or was it they did not talk to her?

This series should be a lesson for school systems not to micro manage what a young adolescent or teenager is feeling. This should be a wake up call for what happens in our schools and why so many kids drop out because of the daily depressing war kids fight everyday. For the kids left behind in the system it's more about surviving the school week then good grades, Put bad grades on top of that it's like a impossible situation to survive.

You can debate and discuss this series on so many levels. The series is the blue print of what we don't understand of what a person is experiencing or hell that the may be going through. And what are we suppose to do when we see a person that we believe is trouble? How much space do we give them or not give them? At what point do we intervene, and how do we know they are on the edge? In 2014 Robin Williams committed suicide, just recently it was reported that lead singer for the popular rock band sound garden Chris Cornell killed himself. what signs did they show before they died.

I only scratched the surface of what the series says about the human condition. I know I have repeated myself in this blog post, but this series forces us as humans to ask ourselves why?

Suicide is the Permeate Solution to a Temporary Problem     

Monday, May 15, 2017

PREVIEW: Thoughts on "13 Reasons Why" Coming Soon

I have not been posting because I have been busy watching and getting thoughts together. Yes I am back, but sometimes I have to watch a lot of TV and movies to get my thoughts together. My Template Movie reviews will be coming back soon.

One project I am working on now is a in depth look at the popular Netflix Series "13 Reasons Why".
This series has hit me in the heart in more ways then I can explain, but I am going to try. It's going to be a very long post, because there is so much you can draw from this series.

Stay Tuned, more to come.

Mark G Pogue

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

If you Cut the Cord to Cable, Be Careful Before You Swing to @Sling....

Today I had a on-line chat with Sling TV and I thought it all went well.

My original question was How much was the bill today because I had made some changes to my service.

Before I got my answer, the agent said they noticed that I had doubled paid for service and I was due a refund, AWESOME!

So again I asked how much was I being charged today. because it was due today. they answered it would be 3 to 5 days before I got my refund.

OK, so how about the bill that is now due.

The reply was today's bill was cancelled, so that means nothing will be paid today.

Now maybe I was wrong for being so trusting, but with that news I went and filled my gas tank and a hour later they took the money.

I called this time.and he said he would be pissed too, but here was nothing he could do, I asked to speak to a supervisor.

He said that because that my bill was due they took the money. OK I understand that but why did they say that today's payment was canceled, he said there was nothing that could be done.

again my original question was about today's bill. Why could they just not answer the original question about today's bill?

After experiencing today's goose chase, I was wondering is anyone else had problems with Sling customer service. As of right now I have not canceled, because the service it provides is awesome, but customer service sucks.

I have never had any problems from Netflix or HULU, and there web page is very easy to use unlike Sling which is a nightmare. and both make it very clear how much your bill is. I have never needed to call customer service from ether of them.

I found a gold mine of complaints

according to

Sling Tv - Sling charged my card after I cancelled.

Sling charged my card after I cancelled.I called them and they said someone somewhere logged on with an X-box.
I told them I don't have an X-box and they said that there is nothing they can do and to call my bank and tell them there was a fraudulent charge on your card and they will send you a new one. I told them the only fraud here was Sling charged my card after I cancelled. They said sorry and they would remove my card from the account and that I can enjoy their service for another month.
I told them I don't want there service.Stay away from Sling.

Technical prerequisite for using sling tv is only made clear after you have paid

I signed up to get IPL (Indian Premier League).To do that you have sign up and pay and then download.
When I tried to get it on Apple TV I was told (through a chat with SlingTV) that I needed fourth generation apple tv which I did not have. This was discovered within hours of signing up and I complained to Sling TV support which promptly cancelled my subscription within 24 hours of signing up. I now discover they charged my credit card and refuse to refund saying their terms include a prepaid subscription. I have disputed the charge with my card.
I think sling tv is running a fraudulent scam.They are currently offering a 7 day free trial period which means they should be able to refund anyone who cancels in less than 7 days. also had many consumer complaints, and Sling TV seems clueless how to fix them or just don't care.

As one headline read, Great concept, poor execution 

Friday, April 21, 2017

My Pinterest Page

I have been on Pinterest over two years. Actually I can not remember how long I have been on Pinterest. I left it alone for months and recently I went back and made some changes and will continue to do so. I added and deleted a few boards and geared it towards my TV Junkie theme.

I have added several boards

Game of Thrones

Star Wars

Planet of the Apes

Criminal Minds

Into The Badlands


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation






Star Trek

Hawaii 5-O

Doctor Who

Lord of The Rings


BOND, James Bond

Cowboy Movies

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Digital Movie Collection

When digital music on the cloud first became available, I was slow to get on board, but I have adjusted to the change and have what I consider a large collection of music on I-Tunes and Amazon Music. But now we have the movie DVD collection going that way and I am still slow to get on that band wagon, but again I am using it more and more and it is now affecting the way I add movies to my collection. for example, if it is part of a series that I am a fan of I will buy the Blue Ray and add it to my VUDU cloud. However, if it is a major Hollywood hit, I might just wait for a sale on VUDU and buy it. I will not pay full price for a new digital only movie to download on the cloud.

The problem with cloud movies is that I don't have something to look at and add to a collection to be admired by friends and family. It does not seem real. When I look at my ever growing collection on VUDU it just does not feel like I own anything. It's just pictures on a computer screen that I can watch anywhere there is a internet connection. It does not feel like it's mine.

The picture below is part of my DVD and BLUE RAY collection, it's part of my surroundings and home decor. I don't have to turn on my computer and look at my collection. It's my personal collection that I take a little pride in.

I just wish that I-Tunes, VUDU and Amazon or someone could come up with a way to make the cloud collections more personal and something to feel and touch.


RELEASE DATE: November 11th 2016

DIRECTOR: Denis Villeneuve

MAIN CAST: Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker

IMDB Story Line

When twelve mysterious spacecraft appear around the world, linguistics professor Louise Banks is tasked with interpreting the language of the apparent alien visitors.


For a movie about a visitors from outer space, it was very different in thinking. For me it was not so much about aliens as it was communication and how as humans we fail at it because we always think we know what is being said from the other side. This was ever so true in this movie. I also like how they took time in building up to seeing the space craft. Even though I saw the trailer and knew what it looked like, the suspense grabbed me. It was a slow build up and usually I fall asleep during a movie like that, but it was so well written I was glued to the screen.


I found parts hard to understand, It was truly the action and the story telling that kept me interested. I found the ending confusing and asked myself what that was all about and what did I watch and what was the purpose of the movie. I will watch it again with subtitles on, because the movie was to well written to have that type of confusing ending. I had to miss something


Movie received a PG-13 rating, I think it could have been a PG.I think this could be a family movie but younger viewers may find it boring and some may find the alien life form scary. I did not see this movie at the theater but did buy it on VUDU cloud on a discounted price. I gave this movie a 8 out of 10 on IMDB because of confusing parts